• Find Clarity

    Find clarity on what is holding you back from taking full ownership of your life

  • Build Superhuman Focus

    Learn how to move from living on autopilot to conscious awareness.

  • Become Indistractable

    Take back control and don't let social media, emails and requests take you away from what matters to you.

  • Manage Stress

    Learn how to move your attention away from worries and rumination. Navigate stress with more ease.

  • Greater Overall Wellbeing

    Access a greater inner quiet and peace. Experience more joy and contentment.

Calm Your Mind

Move your mind from being distracted, anxious and overwhelmed to a place of clarity, focus and calmness.


"Simple to understand and integrate into my life."

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Meet Your Instructor

Lead Facilitator John Puts

As the founder of TrueYou, John has worked with over 5000 talented people in some of the most innovative and disruptive companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Vinted, GetYourGuide, PwC and L’Oreal. He learned that an untrained and noisy mind is one of the biggest blockers for people to step into their purpose and developed a program to help them reclaim their time, focus and energy. For the first time he is now bringing all of his teachings to people outside these big companies.

Content Creator Roel Vogels

As the founder of Scenario Cards, Roel has helped over 8000 people in 70 countries explore deeper conversations around the topic of purpose. Growing Scenario Cards meant stepping out of the comfort zone and building habits of focus. This course covers most of his practices he used to Master his Mind that helped him make time for what mattered most to him: Helping people all over the world to find meaning in life and work.

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Interrupt Old Patterns

Stay consistent, build new habits and maintain discipline effortlessly.

What's Waiting For You

Inside "Master Your Mind"

    1. Welcome Message From Your Teacher

    2. Two Inspirational Quotes

    3. This Is What You Will Learn

    4. How to get the most out of this course

    1. The Challenges You Are Faced With

    2. Individual Starting Reflection

    1. From Autopilot to Aware

    2. Journaling Framework: Stream of Consciousness

    3. Exploring Autopilot In Your Life

    1. Training & Reclaiming Your Attention

    2. Let's Train Your Focussed Attention

    3. Guided Meditation - Focused Attention

    4. Three Breaths - Micro-Practice

    5. Focused Gazing - Micro Practice

    6. Slow Walking - Micro Practice

    7. Guided Meditation - Wim Hof Breathwork

    8. Let's Train Your Expanded Awareness

    9. Guided Meditation - Expanded Awareness

    1. Neuroscience Behind Attention Training

    2. Studies On The Effect of Attention Training

    1. The Integration Process

    2. Summarizing the Dedicated & Micro Practices

    3. Starting And Closing Your Day

    4. Journaling Framework - Morning Reflections

    5. Journaling Framework - Evening Reflections

    6. Bringing It All Together

    7. Accountability Framework - 28-Day Habit Tracker

    8. Power of Habits

    9. Start Building New Habits

About this course

  • 7 Modules
  • 30+ Lessons
  • 17-Page Workbook

Reclaim Lost Sleep

Turn off your mind for refreshing nights, sleep better and wake up more energized.


  • I’m too busy now but would like to check it out later, is that possible?

    That’s possible, but please note that our FREE bonuses (Worth $160) will disappear and the course price will increase with another $100 after the launch.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    Yes, we have an 180-day refund policy. No questions asked.

  • Do I have time to do this course next to my busy job?

    Yes. Our course is designed to be self-paced with small bits every day, so you have time to do this course in your busy schedules.

  • Who can I reach out to in case I have any questions during the course?

    You can email us on hello@scenariocards.org. Either John from TrueYou or Roel from Scenario Cards will then get back to you.

  • I’ve tried a course like yours before and it didn’t work. How are you different?

    While working with over 5000 talented people in Google, Facebook and Amazon, we learned why most mind training programs don’t stick. You see, your mind is like a cup. If you only focus on teaching new tools your cup would overflow and nothing will stick. In our course however, we will teach you how to make your cup bigger through our neuroscience-backed meditations, micro-practices and journaling frameworks.

  • How will you help me integrate your teachings in my daily life?

    We will teach you how to build new habits and include a 28-Day Accountability Framework that will help you turn our practices into effortless daily habits.

  • Does the course come with any LIVE sessions?

    No, all our content is pre-recorded and organized in 7 Modules and 30+ Lessons that you can follow anytime online. The content is accessible on all your devices.

Optimize Focus

Reclaim your attention, increase focus and feel more alive, in the midst of everyday distractions.